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birth and postnatal doula


Hi! I’m Daisy June. I am a young birth and postnatal doula in London, based in Bromley, who loves mums and babies. I will stand by you and support you unconditionally if you choose me as your doula. I am passionate about doulaing and believe that it is about empowering you as a mother to look after your baby. I love babies, but it is you, the mother who I am here to support.

 As your doula, YOU are my number one priority.

If you'd like to find out more about me or would like my birth or postnatal support in London/Kent, please don't hesitate to contact me by email or phone and we can organise an initial chat free of charge!

’I have known Daisy June for the past year personally and she has an amazing relationship with my children. She is someone I can completely trust with the care of my children. She is intelligent, caring and responds to their needs in the way that I would myself.

‘Daisy June is a very a calm and caring person. She makes me feel at ease and always asks how I am and how she can be most helpful to me. She also checks how I am doing via text between appointments which I find really supportive and caring.

R C, Postnatal Client

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