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​I’m Daisy June. 😁 I am so passionate about doulaing and my role is to empower you as a mother. I love babies, but it is you who I am here to support.
​I have been home-schooled and have six younger siblings, so I have plenty of experience looking after babies and young children (and doing chores!). I am willing to offer babysitting services alongside doulaing for you if that is helpful. I enjoy baking, singing, swimming, basketball, walking, knitting, crocheting and playing with young children. I also play and teach the flute and piano which is such a privelige.
​I am a Christian and I believe that Jesus is the best friend and saviour anyone could have. My faith allows me to be a blessing to others of faith, but also gives me respect for those of different beliefs. When I am working for you, I am coming alongside you to support you unconditionally and non-judgmentally where you are at, regardless of your beliefs. ​
Please contact me if you’re interested, or if you want to have a quick chat over the phone.
​Love,​ Daisy June xx
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