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My Services

      What you can expect from me as your doula

Antenatal Visits

The prospect of giving birth can seem unnerving, so let's talk about what you want for your  birth.

I can offer:

  • A safe space for you to share how you are doing

  • Discussion time to work out your preferences for when you give birth

  • Information about your birthing rights and options 

  • A helping hand with those little jobs around the house that can be harder during late pregnancy

  • To accompany you to any hospital appointments where it can be daunting to go alone

  • Care for your children, to give you an hour or two for yourself

  • Prayer support


Birth Contract

​Let's do this together! I'll be behind you all the way. By choosing me as your birth doula you can expect:

  • At least two antenatal visits from me to help you prepare for birth and give us a chance to build up a relationship of trust

  • Me to be on call (ready to come when you give birth, day or night) from 37 weeks of pregnancy until the baby is born

  • Unlimited emotional and practical support during labour and birth (anything from speaking encouragement, to looking after your kids, to holding space at the hospital, bringing you food and drink, giving you a back massage, or just sitting with you and holding your hand 🙂)

  • One or two little visits after your baby is born, to debrief the birth and say goodbye! 


Postnatal Support

If you are unsure about how you're going to handle everything after your baby's arrival, I can offer:

  • A safe space to debrief the birth and talk about how you are doing

  • Practical help with anything such as cooking, the school run, children's bedtime, a trip to the park, fill in the gap! 

  • Time for you to take a nap while I take care of your children

  • To accompany you to baby/toddler groups where it can be daunting to go alone

  • Information about postnatal health

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Prayer support


Birth Contract: £600 (2 payments: 50% non-refundable deposit and the other half paid at beginning of 'on call' period)

Postnatal Visits: Payment is organised through an hourly rate of £20.

I also offer doula childcare and babysitting, if that is what you need as a mother at any stage. I have a huge amount of experience entertaining and being responsible for children, since I have six younger siblings! I love kids, and I'm passionate about supporting mums and giving them the space they need to take a break and recharge their batteries, so do get in touch if you need any help in this area!

I am currently charging £20 an hour for babysitting/childcare.

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