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What My Clients Say

'Honestly I couldn't think of any negative criticisms! You gave me exactly what I needed for where I was at.'

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'DJ was a joy to have around our young family while I dealt with early pregnancy symptoms. Her support was practical and consistently good, with lots of fun added in for my four young children. I love how flexible DJ was at being available to our needs and always offering her help with courtesy and kindness. Her love of family-life is evident in her work and it was a breath of fresh air for all of us!’

M C, Antenatal Client

’DJ looked after our four year old son with great care and a sense of fun, so much so that he would ask when my wife and I were going out! He describes her as “the best babysitter ever” and I can’t think of a better recommendation than that.’

P. WJ, Babysitting Client

‘After my third baby, with two other children only age 3 and 2, I felt some extra support in the home would help me mentally and practically.

’I have known Daisy June for the past year personally and she has an amazing relationship with my children. She is someone I can completely trust with the care of my children. She is intelligent, caring and responds to their needs in the way that I would myself.

‘Daisy June is a very a calm and caring person. She makes me feel at ease and always asks how I am and how she can be most helpful to me. She also checks how I am doing via text between appointments which I find really supportive and caring.

‘She is a very conscientious person who takes her responsibilities seriously, she is very proactive in the home as she sees jobs that need to be done and gets on with them. She is proficient in baking, cleaning, and laundry. It is like having a second version of myself around so I can relax and let her take over, knowing that jobs will get done and the children will be happy! My children love spending time with her and she makes an effort to play imaginative games, read stories and bake with them.

‘Daisy June is a very easy person to get on with, she is sociable and has excellent communication skills. She makes me feel comfortable and at ease.

‘I enjoyed the mental aspect of knowing once a week I could have a break from my jobs and have an extra pair of hands to help. I found it supportive having someone looking out for my well-being as a mother and doing what they can to help me.

’It is a great option if you would like some extra help and support in your day-to-day activities.

‘Daisy June has a calm and warm personality. She is assertive which makes me feel relaxed as I know I can leave her in charge whilst I take a break. She is very good with small children; she keeps them entertained with fun activities and nurtures them well. She is very good around the home, at knowing what jobs need to be done and getting on with them without needing to be asked. I felt I could do whatever I needed when she came and was confident to leave my children with her- she always multi-tasked, taking care of them and getting jobs done!’

R C, Postnatal Client

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