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What is a doula anyway!? And why would anyone want to have one?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

A doula is a woman who helps and supports another woman who is pregnant or has recently had a baby. A doula can be a great blessing and service, and also a friend.

A birth doula supports a mother during pregnancy and birth and a postnatal doula supports new mothers and families during the weeks after the baby is born. A doula will listen to the woman they are helping, do practical jobs, provide information or just be a calming presence and support.

I became a doula because I love mums and babies, I'm passionate about helping people and I want to be a blessing. I like the fact that you can be self-employed as a doula, and you don’t have to work within the NHS.

A good doula should be caring, kind, punctual, respectful, a good listener, reliable, friendly, and able to keep calm in stressful situations….

My experiences with my younger siblings help my work as a doula, since I am familiar with young children and babies. I have also been home schooled, so doing practical jobs around the house and helping my mum are normal. I can cook and bake, wash up, clean and I take care of the laundry for my whole family. My upbringing has been Christian and Jesus is the Lord of my life, so I believe I can really bless women spiritually and bring peace and help in their situations.

If you are considering training as a doula, I highly recommend doing a doula course with Nurturing Birth, they are brilliant and the course is worth every penny.

Doulaing is such a rich way of working and blessing mothers and families! It's a wonderful calling.

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